Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR

Fall seems to give me permission to spend more time reading.  I don't feel the guilt that I should be doing something.  It seems more acceptable to curl up with a book or two.  Today I gave myself permission to indulge!

I sat down for the second time with Revolution by Deborah Wiles.  It didn't take long to whiz through this book.  I literally couldn't put it down.  Tears were streaming from my eyes as I finished and I continue to process the history and deeper meanings hidden in this beautiful novel.  The combination of a trying time in our country, during the Freedom Summer, and a girl struggling to define her family and her world can be a lot to process emotionally. Although it appears that our country has come so far, you can still see glimpses of the "Revolution" still occurring every day!

I attended the Lancaster Art Department's craft show yesterday.  Local author, Dan Bomkamp, was there proudly displaying his books.  My daughter was dying to read one of his books after perusing his stories and talking with him. He recommended that she start with The Adventures of Thunderfoot. She proudly took her personally autographed copy home and began reading it.  Each chapter is a new outdoor adventure with a slight twist of humor.  I'm anxious to read about Thunderfoot and discuss my perspective with Sophie!

Leah Whitford was the first person that put Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg on my radar.  I started following posts on facebook.  I put myself on the hold list at the library. I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to have this book in my hands.  I carry it everywhere because I may have a moment or two to fit a page or two in.  As Donalyn Miller would say, this book is  part of my current book luggage. It was obvious to me after a few pages that this would be one of those books that I wouldn't be able to share with anyone. It would be full of notes, reflections, and highlights. This would be a book that would cause me to look inside myself. It would be the book that would push me forward. I know that I will encourage others to read this book.  Unfortunately, I will not be sharing mine! 

Professional reading is always part of my day to day reading life.  Some days it might be a blog or twitter.  Today I spent a lot of time with Implementing Effective Instruction for English Language Learners by Suzanne Wagner and Tamara King.  Although this is required reading for a graduate class that I am taking through Edgewood College, it is a resource I would definitely recommend to anyone working with ELL students. The book focuses on twelve key practices for schools to follow to implement a supportive instructional environment for English language learners. I will be adding this resource to the school resource section.  It is full of strategies, checklists, and planning templates to use when planning and advocating for student needs. 

To give myself the book buying rush that I needed today, I was able to purchase a variety of Halloween titles at a Post-Halloween discount. Although they won't be appreciated until next year, they were too great to pass up!  

I must ask you, "It's Monday, what are you reading?"

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