Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Business of Books

Never did I imagine how much I would love this job! Each day is a new adventure.  I've always known that my favorite part of each day as a teacher was reading aloud to students.  I will take a moment to brag and say that I truly believe it is one of my greatest gifts that I use to connect with kids.

What I didn't imagine is how much I would learn each day! I am continuously researching and looking for new information for myself, staff, students, and parents. It is humbling at times to admit I don't know the answer to everything and it has taught me to ask others for help.  People are just waiting to be asked! Big changes occur when you have the courage to open up and accept what others have to offer!

 I didn't imagine that I would be connecting with authors on a daily basis whether it is to arrange a skype visit or an onsite visit.  I feel so giddy when I open an email from an author. Every. Single. Time.

 I couldn't even begin to imagine how many book reviews I would read to ensure I am purchasing books that students will inhale. My book list continues to grow. Prioritizing reading time has become a necessity. Every time a book order arrives I feel like it is Christmas. I truly feel that each book is a gift.

 The conversations I get to have with kids about their books is something I treasure.  Each discussion reveals a bit of the student's personality, another great way to make a connection.

Meetings have become a natural part of my day.  Not only do I get to connect with students and staff, but I am connecting to people in our community through parent meetings and Schreiner Memorial Library meetings as a board member. Building relationships with community members is a great way to find new resources!

Planning big projects or events has always been a passion. I love that I can share my ideas with others and they sort of take on a new life and become bigger and better than I could have even imagined!

The business of books is a story in itself! I feel so lucky to go to work each day and turn a new page!


  1. Awesome job! Keep up the good work! #arrowpride

  2. Thanks, Andy! I'm so excited to see that you will be connecting with Mrs. Ripp's class with Kidblog!